New Coop Door

Finally got the door to the chicken coop replaced.  It really didn’t take long to build.  I just needed one of those ’round tuit’ thingamabobbers.  Once I got that, everything fell into place.  We got the sticks several months ago and Mary painted them at the same time we painted the front door.  And there they sat.  I’ve said before that there are 3 lifetimes worth of work around here that needs to be done.  Living a part-time ranch life leaves about 2 and 3/4 of that amount of work untouchable.  Still, we do what we can, when we can and have fun doing it!  I’d never trade this place for anything.  And of course, some pictures.

Finishing touch

Here I am putting the chicken wire on the door.

Hows that look

How’s that look dear?

On way too coop

Lets get it to the coop!

ooo shiney

Installed at last!  Sure does make the rest of the coop look shabby.  I have to get out there today and fix the water lines.  Been neglecting that too long and the ducks (yes, there are 3 ducks in there) keep using it as their personal pond.  I really need a coop about 1/4 to 1/2 acre in size for what I’d like to do with these birds.  I guess I can dream big at least.

We found a hen down last night.  I don’t know if it’s sick or just got beat up by the others.  I have it in the “incubation room” inside.  It made it through the night but it’s doing no better.  I’ve had one come back from this state so I have hope.  I’m rolling the mobile coops out there today and am going to start separating them out.  I have a few roosters that are going on their first (and last) winter vacation next weekend.  A friend and I are going to process some birds over at his house next Saturday morning.  He’s set up to do a bunch at one time.  I’ll post about that experience but I won’t put any gory pictures in it.  I’ve done it once before with him.  We did turkeys for Thanksgiving.  I think we’ll be doing both turkeys and chickens this year.  Anywho, more to come!