The Supervisor

A couple of days ago I felt like I was being watched.  Turns out I was right!  This hen decided things needed to be watched a little closer around the ranch.  Apparently the lack of supervision required her to step… er, fly in and take charge.  We had just checked out the new lamb and were going to get pictures of the rams to post for sale when we noticed our work being checked!

Obviously the rams were up to no good.  Horse play, tom foolery and head butting!  Let’s get back to work boys.

Do you need something human?  Can’t you see I’m super busy supervising things around here?  You’re what?  The owner you say?  Oh, very sorry sir!  Things are going eggcedingly well if you’ll pardon the pun.  The rams were just getting back to work and your newest lamb is progressing well.  Yes, er, um, back to the coop sir.  Have a nice day!


Newest Addition

Had the newest addition to the ranch this afternoon.

The black spot on her back is dirt.  She was probably only minutes old at this point.

Mom’s taking care of her.  It’s an assumed her at this point.

Whut ewe lookin’ at?

Fascinating Captain

I’d like to introduce you to Spock.

No, not THAT Spock!

THIS Spock!

Yes, we have a lamb named Spock, for VERY obvious reasons.  And he is, naturally, fascinating!  I suppose for the first post of 2018 it might as well be a weird one.  He’s a cute little booger.  But then again, all lambs are cute.  We’ve got quite a crop this year.  All mutts due to a jail break the boys made in November.  Who’s your Daddy?  Heck if we know.  While this did not help us grow our Gulf Coast herd it did give us some cuties.

As you can see he has the complete set of ‘brows.  We’ll have to work on teaching him the Vulcan greeting with those hooves.

Not sure if he’ll be an emotional sheep or a logical one.  He is a half-breed after all.  This could lead to a spat of Capt. Kirk, Scotty, or McCoy sheep as we have not yet named everyone in this crop.  I guess it’ll be OK as long as he doesn’t whip out a communicator and say “Baaaaeeeem me up!”


Woah!  Another post in 2017.  Better slow down a little 🙂

In January we’ll have been at the ranch for 5 years.  Last night we got the biggest snow fall I’ve ever seen in South Texas.   Don’t get too excited about that.  It didn’t take much to qualify for that title.  Still, it was very pretty to see this morning so I wanted to share a few views with you.  If we had grass, the ground would have been white too.  You can kind of see that when you look through the trees to the neighbors fields.  I guess we got between 1 and 2 inches.  Very pretty!

The yard.

The yard.

Wood pile.

Wood pile.

More woodpile.

More woodpile.

Looking down hill into neighbors pasture through the trees.

Looking down hill into neighbors pasture through the trees.

Fallen tree.

Fallen tree.

Llama eating frosted flakes!

Llama eating frosted flakes!

Sheep checking out snow while llama eats.

Sheep checking out snow while llama eats.





Lost Puppy, Found Puppy

Tonight was one of those evenings that gets your adrenaline up. Anxiety levels certainly rose a couple of notches. Mary and eldest daughter Rachel came in from the evening feeding and announced one of the puppies, Snowball, had not come when called for dinner. It was time to go looking. All four of us headed out the door and started scouring the property, calling for the dog.  After the property search, we started checking buildings and pits and holes.  It sure looked like she had fled the ranch.  Rachel and I hopped in the truck to look along the road.

After going as far up the road as we thought she could have possibly wandered and letting a neighbor know what was up, we turned around and started heading up driveways and talking to a couple of other neighbors.  In one area we heard a few barks that sounded a lot like her and gave that area a heavy going over.  Never did find the dog barking there.  So off the other direction we went.  Talked to a couple more neighbors.  Loosing a puppy is a great way to meet people.  And I guess it was rush hour because we ran into lots of folks coming home or just leaving.  Finally, we got to my immediate neighbor to the south of us who told us the puppies had been there earlier fooling around in his field.  Finally, a clue!  He said we could drive back there and look, so we did.  I left Rachel at one end and I drove down toward the river real slow.  Then I saw her.  A white lump that jumped a little.  She wasn’t moving normally and her head looked black.  Oddly, that’s not all that unusual for Great Pyrenees.  Ours routinely come home with black faces. So I got out and went over.  She had her head stuck in a plastic food container that had vanilla whey protein in it.  Not sure if there was any in there when the dog found it but it sure smelled, well, vanilla-ee.  And so did the dog.  She was stuck good and had probably been that way for hours.  I got the container off her head.  She looked pathetic.  No picture.  I did think about it though!  She was soggy, weed and burr covered, and wiped out.  She did smell very nice though!

We got her home and have now gone into mother hen recovery mode.  She must have drunk a gallon of water when we got back to the house.  Now she’s inside with us with her sister, most likely milking this for all it’s worth.  But, we need to keep an eye on her for a while, so she gets to milk it all she wants.  The other mutts aren’t too happy about the change but they’ll live.  I’m coming down from the event and trying to decompress.  We were supposed to go out tonight for an event but that got preempted by Snowball’s antics.  It’d be nice to think the dog learned something from this, but if she did, it’s probably only that there’s good smelling trash next door and I should go back and check it out again!  I guess that’s puppy hood.

Never a dull moment around the Double Portion Ranch.

Checking out Chicks

I got as close as I’ve been to the emu chicks today.  If I had to bet a nickle, I’d say we have one male and 4 females.  I had one visual of a circle pattern on top of one chicks head but I couldn’t get that shot.  Here’s a couple I did get.

In this one, the chick closest to the bottom has what looks like a circle pattern of feathers on it’s head.  All the rest have speckles or stripes.  Circles indicate males.

Center bottom chick may be male

Hanging out together

On the move


Spring’s Sproinging Once Again

It’s the end of March and Texas Spring is a happening thing.  A lot of things in life have been happening and I haven’t had the motivation to keep up with the blog much over the last year or so.  I’ve had the desire to though!  My wife has now gotten into the writing act and is going great guns.  Check her out at   I think you’ll like her stuff.

Anyway, back to the ranch.  We purposely took a year off from lambing.  Given the stresses of the last year or so that was probably the right course of action even though we did it to rest the sheep.  I do miss the new little ones we’d be seeing about now though.  Not to fear!  The Double Portion has indeed produced babies this year.  Two of them we bought but are now as much a part of the ranch as any creature here.  Meet Snowball and Sugar, the next generation of our Livestock Guard Dog team.

Sugar and Snowball shortly after arrival at the ranch.

Sugar and Snowball shortly after arrival at the ranch.


The new babies with my babies!

The new babies with my babies!

And what, you may ask, did the ranch actually produce?  Well…

We have these:

One of our three adult Emus

One of our three adult Emus

What's happening here?

What’s happening here?

And they make these:

Emu eggs found on the ranch

And when things work out just right, you get these!

The babies

Hanging with Dad, or Mom.  We're not sure!

Hanging with Dad, or Mom. We’re not sure!

Don't get stepped on!

Don’t get stepped on!

Five baby emus were born this spring at the ranch!  I honestly did not expect this.  They are strange birds.  Fun to watch, and even affectionate sometimes.  If nothing else, they’re a great conversation starter.  We’ve also had humming birds starting to arrive.  Everything is greening up.  The wild flowers are starting.  God’s annual renewals is in full swing and it’s always a sight to behold.  I hope you enjoy a few pictures of what we get to see here.  Have a great day!