Culinary Adventures with Emus

I mentioned recently that our emus* were laying eggs.  I don’t know about you, but I love me some eggs!  We’re trying to hatch these eggs but honestly, I don’t think we’ll get any from this season.  They don’t sit on them until there’s enough and we’ve been hovering around freezing.  The dogs have also been stealing them.  I have managed to collect a few though and I do have one that I’m trying to incubate.  I suspect its not viable but what the heck, I can try.  The others?  Well, that’s where this story comes in.  Time to share breakfast.

Unbeknownst to many people, virtually none of our food actually comes from the grocery store.  Some folks are just not aware that there are things outside of those stores you can eat.  Unless it’s at convenience stores, hey, everybody loves a twinkie right?  Anywho, these emu eggs came right from my back yard.  I wanted to save the shells of any one I used so the first thing I did was to carefully remove one end of the egg.


I wanted to see the yolk intact so I made the hole rather large.  I won’t do that again as the only way I’d eat these things is scrambled.  They’re a bit too large to do over easy!  It’s still hard to tell scale in this shot.


You can see a little better here, the knife I used to “saw” the end of the egg off next to the kitchen sink.  The white piece on the bowl is a piece of the internal membrane of the egg.

Emu egg membrane

Emu egg membrane

Here’s a better example showing the egg membrane.  That thing is thick.  It also doesn’t come off very easily.

Chicken egg vs. Emu egg

Chicken egg vs. Emu egg

Here’s a good shot showing the difference between this egg and regular chicken eggs.

Scrambled and ready to pour

Scrambled and ready to pour

Looks pretty much like any bowl of scrambled eggs now.

Fried sausage

Mmmm, fried sausage!

Prepping the pan is vitally important.  See the disclaimer at the end*.



Time to fry.



Nearly done now.

Sausage and eggs

Sausage and eggs

Breakfast is ready!  And that’s the way we role here at the Double Portion Ranch.  Let me tell you, one emu egg is a lot more than a double portion.  I bet it could feed four people.  Normal people that is.  Probably just one teenager though.  Or me before my surgery.  Now that much really does fill me up.

* Disclaimer – No emus were killed, hurt, injured, emotionally scarred, insulted, or otherwise suffered in any way for the making of this post.  They may have been a little irritated with  me, but then, they seem a bit perpetually irritated so how should I know???  The egg, however, didn’t make it… Neither did the pig, it was fully committed.