Country Wisdom Post #16

The squeaky wheel may get the oil, but the one that’s on fire really get your attention!

– Greg

Specifically when your drum roller locks up on your dryer.  It is especially attention-getting when it smells like it’s burning…


Country Wisdom Post #15

The first time you give an animal a shot you will be nervous and probably suck at it.

– Greg

Ask me how I know this…

This, and the previous Country Wisdom posts could use some explanation.  I’ll do a post about it next.

Country Wisdom Post #14 – NEW!

If you’ve never given an animal an injection you will once you become a rancher.  Your live stock might not be the first ones to get the shot either!

– Greg

Country Wisdom Post #4 (repost)

A chicken can apparently hold up to 8 full-sized eggs in her body without exploding.

 – Greg

This is probably not true.  All I can tell you for sure is, I came out to get eggs after missing what I thought was only a day and found this chicken sitting on 8 of them.  I’ve never seen them lay more than one or two a day since then.

Country Wisdom Post #1(repost)

Anything with (repost) in the title comes from the old blog.  As I move Double Portion content over here you’ll see this.

I have decided that living on the Double Portion Ranch is going to produce a blessing of country knowledge and hopefully wisdom upon myself and Mrs. G.  Given that, I just can’t help but share you know…

When an Emu bites your ear, it hurts!

– Greg

… ask me how I know this.