Double Portion Ranch
Just east of Seguin, Texas.

Bio: Fled life in the big city and settled on the Double Portion Ranch on January 4th, 2013. Haven't looked back since...

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2 Comments on “About”

  1. Glenda M says:

    Unfortunately, I am not a social media fan. We have two laptops, two cell phones, and a Mifi from ATT (6MB only for $50). We want to downsize to a land line phone, Internet for movies we can transfer to our TV, and maybe a consumer cellular phone for the car only used for emergencies.
    Most folks have many forms of social media and we only want the simple life. When we buy our house I don’t even want a microwave, they aren’t good for you anyway.
    I am a cancer survivor and hubby has a lousy immune system so we are getting away from pesticides, processed food, and GMO’s. It does take some effort since both of us take our lunches and I cook from scratch. The benefits outweigh the time and effort. If you read my latest post you will understand what we do weekly.
    West Texas is similar to the country we are from in northern Nevada, the high desert. It is definitally nice there. We hope to purchase a country home this year.

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