Spring’s Sproinging Once Again

It’s the end of March and Texas Spring is a happening thing.  A lot of things in life have been happening and I haven’t had the motivation to keep up with the blog much over the last year or so.  I’ve had the desire to though!  My wife has now gotten into the writing act and is going great guns.  Check her out at http://www.shepherdslamb.com/   I think you’ll like her stuff.

Anyway, back to the ranch.  We purposely took a year off from lambing.  Given the stresses of the last year or so that was probably the right course of action even though we did it to rest the sheep.  I do miss the new little ones we’d be seeing about now though.  Not to fear!  The Double Portion has indeed produced babies this year.  Two of them we bought but are now as much a part of the ranch as any creature here.  Meet Snowball and Sugar, the next generation of our Livestock Guard Dog team.

Sugar and Snowball shortly after arrival at the ranch.

Sugar and Snowball shortly after arrival at the ranch.


The new babies with my babies!

The new babies with my babies!

And what, you may ask, did the ranch actually produce?  Well…

We have these:

One of our three adult Emus

One of our three adult Emus

What's happening here?

What’s happening here?

And they make these:

Emu eggs found on the ranch

And when things work out just right, you get these!

The babies

Hanging with Dad, or Mom.  We're not sure!

Hanging with Dad, or Mom. We’re not sure!

Don't get stepped on!

Don’t get stepped on!

Five baby emus were born this spring at the ranch!  I honestly did not expect this.  They are strange birds.  Fun to watch, and even affectionate sometimes.  If nothing else, they’re a great conversation starter.  We’ve also had humming birds starting to arrive.  Everything is greening up.  The wild flowers are starting.  God’s annual renewals is in full swing and it’s always a sight to behold.  I hope you enjoy a few pictures of what we get to see here.  Have a great day!


5 Comments on “Spring’s Sproinging Once Again”

  1. Pam says:

    How cool! Are Emu eggs really that color? Wow!! Great pictures! Happy Spring!


  2. hsoi says:

    Are those Pyr pups? Oh squee!

    And emu … what do you call them? hatchlings? emu lite?

    How neat!


    • Yup, Pyr. They’re really pretty popular around here. Seems like you can find pups being sold pretty often. Our oldest is the last of the originals that came with the property. She’s probably 6 or 7 and is already dealing with stiff joints. We figured we best get the next generation in the queue now so they’ll be ready when “retirement” happens. I never had to deal with dog growth and learning curves before. It really makes the short lifespan of these big dogs hit home.

      If there’s a particular name for baby emu chicks I don’t know what it is. They’re cool to watch though. They’re nearing a month old and starting to show a little independence.


      • hsoi says:

        That’s my understanding with the field dogs: gotta work in new ones constantly to keep the supply and rotation working. Get them trained, get them working, so when one becomes unable to, there’s no “loss” of guarding, etc..

        I just looked. Baby emu is a “chick” or a “hatchling”. And a group of emu is a “mob”.

        So you have a mob of chicks. 🙂

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