A No S#%t Recall and 25 Years of Marriage

A little over 25 years ago I was engaged to be married to a lovely woman named Mary Hoch.  I was in the Air Force at the time and part of a 24-hour mobility team.  Unfortunately, Iraq had also just invaded Kuwait around this time and the U.S. military was very close to becoming involved.  Mary and I were supposed to be married in February, a date we had already moved up.  Both of us knew I could get called up to go to this little war, so we set things up in advance to have an “emergency” wedding should the need arise.  Then, on January 9th, 1991, I was awakened early by a telephone call telling me to grab my bags and prepare to deploy!  I called Mary and told her not to worry.  Naturally, she worried.  I went in and we went through all the bag drag procedures before we were told it was an exercise.  Since nobody knew better, to us it was a no s#%t recall.  We thought we were gone to the Middle East.  Naturally, this lights a fire under one’s booty to get all affairs in order.

Once everything calmed down, Mary and I activated our emergency plan.  Our wedding day was an insane story all its own, complete with car wrecks and discount Christmas card shopping!  For now, let’s just go with the fact that on January 11th, 1991 we were married and became husband and wife.  That happened 25 years ago today!  I thought I’d mark the occasion with this blog post for all to see.

25 years ago I married my love Mary.  I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into.  Fortunately, God did.  I knew I wanted a life long commitment but based on what I saw in my life and others, I expected marriage to be hard and rocky with lots of fighting.  So, I prepared as best I could.  I read many Christian marriage/relationship books.  We did premarital counseling.  We prayed to God for our marriage and relationship and family.  As it turned out, we found out we were really well suited for each other!  Yeah, we fight every so often with each other.  But we fight for each other every day.  It makes a big difference!

Not only does this woman put up with me just as I am, she actually loves me too!  How cool is that.  And…

She ranches with me!

2014-11-08 16.02.37

She takes care of our sheep (and other animals)!

2013-08-21 17.31.45

She loves small dogs!

2014-04-24 19.47.06

That turn into big dogs!

2015-06-06 15.31.18

She sticks with me rain…


Or shine…

2013-08-21 17.36.37



Or Winter…


Loves all my jokes!


And gave me a pretty cool family!


It really doesn’t get any better than this folks.  I can truly say I have everything in life I’ve ever wanted.  It’s all gravy now and has been for a while.  God is good!  Life is good!  It’s not easy or perfect by a long shot, but it’s good!




4 Comments on “A No S#%t Recall and 25 Years of Marriage”

  1. hsoi says:

    Wonderful wonderful!

    Congratulations to you both on 25 years! And here’s to 25 more!


  2. Rev. Paul says:

    I’m so sorry that I almost missed this announcement. Blogger is rather slapdash about updating WordPress blogs on my blogroll, and this post only showed up this morning.

    Congratulations on 25 years, you two! The relationship you describe sounds like ours; so it’s one of the good ones. 🙂


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