Pigs With Wings

Otherwise known as Ducks!  We had 3 adult ducks here for quite some time and we get one to two eggs from them a day.  I supply these eggs to a lady that has very few options for protein due to allergies.  When the ducks molt, or go on strike, or don’t feel like it, or for whatever reason stop laying, this can be a problem.  So, after seeing an ad locally for some, we bought 10 chicks.  Two of them did not survive for reasons unknown.  They’re about 16 days old today and have more than doubled in size.  They’ll clean out the feeder you see in the pictures in a day and have just started fully draining the water container (although, how much they simply play and splash may have something to do with its consumption rate).  We think they’re a mix of Mallard and some similar type of duck I can’t recall the name of.  Might get green eggs out of some which would be neat.

Here’s some pictures and video of the little critters.  I’ll have to upgrade the cage one more time and then they can go out with the big ducks.  Just a short post today to share cute duck pics.  More to come!