Tid bits

Rain or Shine?

Uh, shine for sure.  Supposedly we’re in that El Nino weather pattern too where it rains all the time.  Yeah, not so much.  We had LOTS of rain this spring and then it just flat out shut off.



It was actually 106 about a minute before I took that picture.




Yes, that is indeed a chance of 4 – 100ths of an inch of rain on Wed.  Probably means it’s just going to be really humid!



Does this happen?

Door with frog.

Look closely…

Frog on hook.



Why yes that is a frog on our towel hook!


It’s better angle…

No, we have no idea how it got there, why it went there, or what it’s hopes and dreams were.  We did, however, escort it off the premises…


Just Chillin…

Pretty self-explanatory.

Stat chillin



Our central AC pretty much quit cooling this spring so when we could finally scrape up enough cash we got a 12000 BTU window unit and put it in the living room.  Stat is enjoying that in this picture.  Given how well the window unit works, I’m not sure we’ll bother to fix the central.  Might get that wood stove we wanted for winter in a couple of months instead!

Kind of in the summer doldrums for now.  But!  Winter is coming!  At least that’s the theory I’m hoping for.