Goodness, it’s dusty in here.  Obviously this needs to be used more.  Hack, sneeze, cough, cough!!!

Last summer I felt like God was telling me that things were going to change “pretty darn quick”.  I’m in the middle of that change right now.  There’s been a ton to write about, but I haven’t felt like writing for a while.  My depression has made a rather dramatic reappearance over the course of the last year.  It may have been the result of my not tolerating a generic form of a medication, but it has not been helped by some truly depressing circumstances to boot.  It’s kind of hard to fix it and know what’s what when you are not in a good place to do so.  But hey, all that’s rather depressing isn’t it?  I need to acknowledge that, but I don’t want to dwell on it.  I’m just not spurred to write much when I’m down.  Guess I must be feeling a little better eh?

It’s the beginning of summer here at the Double Portion.  My sheep are not yet sheared, but I hope to get them done soon and learn how to do it myself to boot.  Lack of money has hampered this, but we’re hoping to get a little extra in soon and be able to get a few things done beyond just surviving.  We got some rye grass planted last fall and it came up very nicely everywhere.  Due to the cost, we were not able to get any Bermuda planted this spring.  That may hurt us this summer and cause us to go back to hay for a while but thus far, the sheep have been completely on forage since fall.  That… is rather cool!  There is a lot of clover everywhere and we’ve gotten so much rain that things are crazy green here still.  More is forecast over the next week and things are just starting to dry and crack so it’s good timing.

When we are able to shear the sheep, I want to sell the wool.  I’ve been reading that some GCN sheep actually produce award winning wool.  This would be a good thing!  I don’t know if mine have good wool.  If they don’t, I’m going to buy some that do and mix them in to work on that trait.  Looking back it looks like I really haven’t said much about the sheep in a while.  They have been busy, in their sheep like ways.

This spring we had 7 baby lambs from the new sheep.  Our pets each had one as well so a total of 9 were born.  All are doing well.  The GCN’s had 3 sets of boy/girl twins and a sole girl named Seven for the last delivery.  All are cute as buttons naturally.  The way the birth order went, we can diversify genetically with what we have very nicely too.  Luckily, I have been taking a lot of pictures and video.  Do allow me to share some with you!

Mount Llama

Mount Llama

I seriously don’t know how Frenchie put up with this.  Sure was cute though!

Spring newborns

Spring newborns



3 Comments on “Changes”

  1. hsoi says:

    Glad you hear you’re feeling better. Missed reading your updates.


    • Hsoi, good to see you! I like doing the updates but I find that it requires a fair amount of effort do it the way I want to. I can’t imagine trying to write a daily column or something like that without getting paid pretty well for it. It’s truly work! Fun work, but work. Lord willing, these will continue at a decent pace.


      • hsoi says:

        Indeed. It’s a big time commitment and yes… it’s work. 🙂

        Still, update us as you can. Enjoy reading them. Say hello to the Mrs. from me.


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