Fall at the Double Portion (Lotsa PIX!)

This afternoon the family and I went on a walk around the ranch.  Spring in South Texas is often spectacular, but fall is often not thought about down here.  Fall in South Texas is many things.  It’s usually late in the year.  Here we are probably at the beginning of “peakish” color and it’s almost Thanksgiving!  It lasts a long time.  You can find deep red oaks well into December.  It can be warm or cold.  As we say down here, “wait five minutes” and the weather will change.  Honestly, I think they say that everywhere.  But most of all, it’s also beautiful.  A lot of folks don’t believe that.  Bah!  Everything just turns brown and dies!  Well Bah! back atcha!  I got pictures to prove that isn’t so.  And without further ado, here they are:

The new herd

The new herd

The "Pets", Mocha and Pistol.

The “Pets”, Mocha and Pistol.



20141123_155115 20141123_155042 20141123_154936 20141123_154930 20141123_153438 20141123_154848 20141123_153919 20141123_153950 20141123_153435 20141123_153406 20141123_153204 20141123_153210


I GOT ya!!!

Most of these are on the ranch.  A few are neighboring properties (pretty much anything with grass).




3 Comments on “Fall at the Double Portion (Lotsa PIX!)”

  1. Rev. Paul says:

    It’s nice to see those leaves, still on the trees. Ours have been bare for two months.

    Liked by 1 person

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