Permission Granted

I mentioned in the previous post about Mary’s vision that she got during our 40 day prayer challenge.  I guess before I go into that I need to set up a little background.  You’ll remember a few posts back we sold almost the whole herd and I said we were going to specialize.  That was in early September.  We had been thinking along these lines for a while.  We now have “experience” raising sheep and we really wanted to get into it deeper.  I did some research and found something interesting that I thought would be a great fit here at the ranch.  Mary agreed.  We found that a breed of sheep called Gulf Coast Native (GCN) had once been THE sheep of the south until drugs were developed that allowed breeds more susceptible to parasites to live successfully in the hot and humid southern areas of the U.S.  The produced both medium wool and good tasting meat.  The key thing for us was parasite resistance.  We had already encountered some drug resistant parasites and any breed that can resist them went right to the top of the list.

They also happened to be very endangered.  We don’t think about livestock being endangered but as breeds get replaced with ones considered superior, they fall out of favor in the agricultural community and people stop breeding them.  That can be bad news for the continuation of the species!  Turns out there’s only about 1400 registered breeding pairs of these sheep left.  This puts them at the top of the list as far as endangered livestock go.  So while these sheep have lots of good qualities and meet our needs well, it turns out we’d be helping in conservation efforts if we started breeding them.  Seemed pretty cool to us so we looked for some.  Lo and behold we found A&S Gulf Coast Lamb about an hour east of us.  We put a deposit down on 5 of them.  These 5 to be specific:

5 Gulf Coast Native Sheep

Our Seed Sheep (plant hoof down)

Back to Mary’s vision.  During our 40 day’s of prayer, I got the inn and she got the sheep.  Her dream is to have the biggest herd of this kind in Texas, specifically 1000 of them.  We’re gonna need a bigger ranch!  That’s OK since God’s a pretty awesome real estate agent.  Part of my dream was seeing the ranch get crazy big, and when I say crazy, I mean it.  I’ll go into that at a later date.

One interesting thing occurred during the 40 days.  We felt that God said not to do anything more with the visions until the sheep arrived here at the ranch.  We brought them home yesterday, November 1st.  They’re already fitting right in around here.  Thus the title of the post.  We now have permission to go forward with our dreams.  I can’t say it’s going to get interesting because it was that way from the start.  It is going to get moving though!  Here’s a couple of pics from yesterday:


Original cage I built to bring the sheep home in. Sellers deemed it not strong enough.

Yours truly

Yours truly

The boy.

The boy.

The ladies.

The ladies.

Who's in there?

Who’s in there?


Trailer the sellers lent us to bring the sheep home in. They were incredibly nice to do that!


One Comment on “Permission Granted”

  1. Rev. Paul says:

    As a former pastor, it’s wonderful to see someone waiting on the Lord, instead of getting ahead of things. Well done, you two!


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