Fame’s Consequences

So a blogger gets all famous one day and then he stops writing.  How horrible is that!?!?  I mean, all those people depending on me for occasional entertainment and there I go just getting all famous and dumping what could be some folks only source of country fun.  I tell you, I feel terrible about that.  At least a little.  Really!  It, it, just got to be too much for me… The dinners, the parades, the honorary degrees, and don’t even get me going about all the speaking engagements!  Woah!  I hope y’all got some boots on 😉  I really did eat dinner purt’ near every day since the last post though…

Alright, alright, fame really only consisted of a couple of people at church saying “Hey, saw you in the paper!”  That was kinda neat.  I guess I really can’t identify with Brad Pitt or George Clooney just yet though.  There has been a lot of doins out here at the Double Portion in the last few months though.  Some big and some small.

On the big order, the wife got a job out here in Seguin.  A good job!  This has helped us tremendously.  She’s working for the local Head Start program.  Of course, what’s good news without some accompanying angst.  The job is a Federally funded government contract gig.  Sometimes the company you are working for loses the contract.  Probably not 6 weeks into the new job, that happened.  Usually you just change management and everyone keeps their jobs, but, you never know.  We’re right in the middle of that now and should find out more pretty quick since the new company has to be in place by July 1st.   C’est la vie.  It’s all good.  We got a God that’s way bigger than a job.

Also on the big order (to us anyway), Sammie had puppies!  TWELVE OF ‘EM!!!  We didn’t find out she was pregnant until 2 days before she delivered.  She just happened to rollover for a belly rub and there was about twice as much belly as usual!  Great Pyrenees would make awesome shop lifters.  You could hide entire towns in their coats.  So we got these 12 cute as can be ‘not yet Great Pyrenees’ and raised them up to about 8 weeks old.  Sold the lot of them in 2 weeks flat.  Balto was who we figured was the Dad.  Sammie had been around Spike for over 2 years by then and nothing had happened.  Could be wrong on that but we’re not doing a DNA test to find out.  She was an awesome Mom.  All the pups did great.  Now, as much as I hate to, I need to get her spayed so we don’t do that again.  As good as those pups were I’d love to breed her again, in like a few years.  But I don’t want to deal with doggie pup control.

We survived lambing season but still haven’t gotten rid of Rambo so we’re likely to do another.  We need to get the sheep wormed bad.  It was planned for this weekend but it rained.  Lot of glorious rain!  We got at least 3 inches but it was still raining this morning when I left so who knows what the final amount will be.  That’s got to be a priority though.  I’d really like to sell of most of  the herd and let the forage grow back so they can survive off the land more.  We have sold a couple of the new lambs.  I guess that’s a start.

I bought another cattle prod to keep in the truck.  Rambo got me again.  Sneaky little bugger he is.  It just doesn’t pay to go around unarmed though.

We got some extra ducks.  They grow fast!  Those guys must have been almost fully grown in 2 months.  Noisy critters and they sure enjoy their water.

Attempted and pretty much failed to get a garden going.  Bought a bunch of seeds and other supplies but didn’t do anything with them.  Just no time.  We got starter tomatoes and peppers that are doing pretty good in the pots.  I figure they can stay in the pots this year.  At least we may get a little stuff out of them.  Perhaps next year we can do more.

As always, there’s more I just can’t recall at the moment with more stuff happening every day.  I plan to keep on blogging.  This recent hiatus was due to time overload.  There’s always plenty to chat about here at the Double Portion Ranch!  See ya next time.



Country Wisdom Post #20

In an effort to revive the blog, I’d like to start it back up with a bit 0′ wisdom.

Once you’ve arrived, there’s always somewhere else to go.

– Greg