Hey, the blog is famous now!  We made the Seguin paper on the front page!


The article is behind a pay wall so it may not show you much.  Our part wasn’t real big but we did get our pictures in the paper as well as a couple of our sheep!  Here’s a sample:

  Greg and Mary Miller bought 10 acres on Auxiliary Airfield Road with hopes of being more self-sufficient. They wanted to get away from the city and experience the quiet of  country living.

  They grow a garden for three reasons — to eat healthier, to prepare for possible shortages or economic downturns by producing their own food, and as a means of blessing the lives of others.

They call their home the “Double Portion Ranch” and hope to grow enough to have some to share.

There was a little more on us and then it went on to another gardening subject.  We did in fact buy a bunch of gardening supplies just this weekend.  I hope we’re not to far behind the power curve getting started this year.  Now all I have to do is get the tractor started and break up that ground.  I have a nice chisel attachment I can run in there and do that with.  I haven’t had any spare time of late for the blog but I intend to keep it going.  Especially now that we’re all famous and stuff!