More News

The MIA emu turned up.  We suspect a well hidden nest but haven’t dug around out there to try and really find it.  Glad it’s back though.

We got iced in today!  It was pretty much gone by about 1PM.  I was going to try to go to work but the truck wouldn’t start.  I need new batteries in it but really can’t afford that just yet.  It doesn’t jump start right off the bat.  You got to let it charge for 20 minutes or so.  By then it would have been a waste of fuel to go to work so I just took the rest of the day off.

Lambs, lambs, and more lambs!!!  All but one ewe has delivered.  We literally JUST had another set of twins born to one of the black bellies.  That puts us up to 5 sets of twins and 14 total lambs for the season so far.  That ought to buy us back some feed by September or October.  I’d love to get a ridiculously large herd built up but I just don’t have the forage to feed them.  Some day, some day…


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