Name That Lamb!… Err, make that Lambs!!

Winter lambing season is in full swing now.  We are 3 for 3 4 for 4 so far.  We may only have one or two more to go this season but I’m not sure.  This little gal was born sometime this morning.  Introducing, ol’ whatsername!

New Black Belly

New Black Belly

Name wise, nothing seems to have jumped right out at us this go around.  Any of you readers want to take a crack at a name?  I’m all ears.  She seems healthy and like her cousins, is fearless and curious.  She’ll come right up to you.

Where to now Mom?

Where to now Mom?

Cute as a button (of course, they all are).  This makes three new additions, putting the herd up to 22 er 23.

Proud Mom, Mothering

Proud Mom, Mothering



Turns out there are TWO!  This little one above was with Mom all day.  Not even a hint of another one.  We delivered a couple of last seasons ewes to a friend today and came back tonight to feed (more on that later).  While Mary was getting the feed I was in the corral area with the sheep.  I started hearing a baby lamb baaing.  From the woods behind the corral!  And I could see all three new ones and it wasn’t any of them.  You know when you have that moment when something is introduced to you and you know that’s just not right?  That was that moment.  I started frantically looking for this baby.  I kept hearing it.  I shot out the back of the corral and started combing the woods and then, there it was!  Identical to the other one except it’s all alone out here.  Ruh roh raggie!  Now I’m wondering if we had a mom down somewhere.  I had not yet put two and two together that morning mama had had twins.  We kept counting the sheep and coming up one short.  Just for your information, sheep are kinda hard to count in a herd.  Not exactly sure why they chose them for sleep inducement. Seems like that would frustrate the tar out of you!  So the whole family is out looking around the woods for this missing Mom.  Finally, the herd gathers and we count, and count, and count again.  At last we’re satisfied that we have the right numbers.  This must be a twin.  We tried to get it to join mama.  Mama was OK with it being there but wasn’t being real helpful.  The new lamb kept trying to suckle a ram.  Wrong sack dude…  We decided to call it for tonight and bring it in.  We’re working on bottle feeding it now and will try to isolate it tomorrow with mom so it can bond.  Wish us luck with that and pray if you do, we really don’t need another house raised lamb!  Without further ado, I introduce, thing two!

Thing Two

So give us suggestions for Thing One and Thing Two.  Good grief, I need some sleep now.  Ranch drama is draining…


2 Comments on “Name That Lamb!… Err, make that Lambs!!”

  1. Rev. Paul says:

    Hmm, let’s see … the Hawaiian phrase for “black belly” or “black bottom” is okole hao, but you may not like Oh-kole’-lay as a name. How ’bout Pot and Kettle?


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