Holy Dog Fights Batman!

A first for the Double P.  Just had to run outside with rifle in hand.  Lots of barking and some yelping going on.  Youngest was still up and came with me.  We grabbed the 23,000 lumen “make it daylight” light and hauled butt down the driveway.  Only 2 dogs present.  No other critters to be seen until I shone the light across the neighbors fields.  Then, eyes.  Lots of em!  I am figuring coyotes.  The problem with the “make it daylight” light is it lasts maybe 20 minutes on the battery I got.  If that.  We decided to investigate and took the car down the road to see what was behind those shiny eyes.


A whole herd of em.  Not a concern in the world either.  OK, so my heart has slowed down some now.  Best go back and take a recon around the ranch.  Nothing, nada, zip.  No other dogs, no sheep, no chicken noises.  All quiet.  I presume (never a good thing to do but doing it anyway) that the other dogs are with the sheep down at the back of the property.  Queeny and Balto (the derp) were the two alerting when we came outside.  I have no idea what caused the yelping, or who did it but it sounded like it came from the front of the property.  Yet we saw nothing there.  Hmmm.  No more excitement tonight I hope!

Update –

As of this morning it appears that all is well.  Heard all the chickens & ducks.  Seen all 4 dogs, the llama, a couple of emu, and most of the sheep.  Guess whatever it was last night wasn’t us.


2 Comments on “Holy Dog Fights Batman!”

  1. Rev. Paul says:

    There are lots of things out there that would be worse than deer. I’m glad that’s all it was.


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