Winter Weather at the Double P

All day long it’s hovered around 33.  The temp is dropping now so tonight might get durn cold.  For South Texas that is.  Still, this weather can kill you if you’re not careful.  So be careful out there folks.  At least we’re not iced in like the folks north of us.  Lots of stuff shut down but good around the Dallas area.

We had to brave the terrible winter weather to go feed tonight.  No sheep to be found.  They go hide in the woods down the hill when it gets cold.  They come when you call them though.  “Here sheep sheep sheep!”  Brings them up as long as it’s dinner time.  While we were feeding, we walked around breaking open the water troughs.  I suck a rock on this one so you could see it’s iced over.



There it is with one of my farm implements next to it.


Floating rock.  🙂

The polar bears don’t seem to mind the weather at all.  I caught them playing tug earlier today.


Tonight would sure be a nice night to spend by the fire.  Unfortunately, that would probably burn down the trailer since we don’t have a fire place yet, LOL.  I’m gonna get a wood stove someday though.


3 Comments on “Winter Weather at the Double P”

  1. Rev. Paul says:

    I hope that cold air returns up here, where it belongs, and leaves all y’all alone down there.


  2. 3boxesofbs says:

    Glad you folks aren’t suffering as bad as we are in the metroplex — the road conditions have been horrific. Just not enough equipment available to cover the massive sprawl of road ways.

    On the other hand, it has really shown me that my plan to ‘shelter in place’ at least for a little while if TSHTF makes a lot of sense. People spending hours or more on the road, often in one spot.

    Glad to hear the critters are doing okay — better to hear the humans are doing well also.


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