Veterans Day

I’m a vet.  I’m one of the many fortunate ones that never had my blank check cashed by my country.  That’s the check every service member writes when they join, pledging to give up to their lives if necessary to defend our constitution, our country, and our people.  I served for about 9 years.  I even served during war-time but, as the oddities of modern military service played out, I was not called upon to go to that war.  God only knows why.  Still, I stood on the line while my brothers and sisters were called to go.  Some did not come back.  Some came back grievously wounded, either in body, or spirit, or both.  Many more came back having just served.  They did their duty.  Nearly all went who were called.  I almost went.  Turns out it was just “practice” but my fiance and I didn’t know that at the time.  It’s a sobering thing to have that ‘blank check’ you signed start to be processed.  I was ready.  WE were ready as a force.  It was what we were there for, voluntarily.  The old line sums it up best.

All gave some, some gave all.

I’m proud of my brothers and sisters in arms.  Today I salute you, the living.  We will always remember those who gave all.

Gregory T. Miller

PFC – United States Army Reserve
MOS 11C (indirect fire infantry or mortar man)

Sgt – United States Air Force
AFSC 461X0 Munitions Systems Specialist
AFSC 302X0 Weather Equipment Maintenance Specialist

I’d do it all over again, only better.


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