Small Town Fun

The annual Guadalupe County Fair was this last weekend.  We put that on the calendar and made sure we went.  You can’t live in a small town and not go to the county fair, it just isn’t done.  Naturally the stuff I would have liked to do was expensive.  This year’s trip was more of a reconnaissance visit to find out what all was actually there.  Rides, fair food, and games were the prime features.  The rodeo would have been worth seeing but it was more than we budgeted for this go around.  At $18 a head it might qualify for a date night next year.  If you don’t mind spending money you could occupy yourself there for a long time.  A kid would have been in heaven there.  We will absolutely do it again next year and now that we know what to expect, we’ll plan better and get a bunch more out of it.  Here are a couple of shots of the grounds.

merry go round


ferris wheel

Ferris Wheel

The highlight of the night for us was the tractor pull.  True to form, this fair puts a unique spin on this event.  As much as I like high-octane monster vehicles that sling mud and flames, the version we saw was just as entertaining.  It was a kiddie pedal power tractor pull!  Here’s a shot or two.

Ready Set Go

At the starting line, READY, SET, GO!

A clear winner

A clear winner…

Those kids had a blast.  So did everyone watching and cheering them on for that matter!  You can see the guy in the pink shirt helping the kid in the far lane by pushing the wheel.  He did that for several of the kids.  Some were as young as four years old and were just cute as a button.   For one kid he completely unhooked the weight trailer.  The kid didn’t even notice!

County fairs are fun.  Go to one sometime.  Stop and smell the hay…

I have an upcoming uber post.  Looks like it will be a three parter.  Yesterday our llama went on the llam (llam, get it? yuk yuk yuk).  It was a highly organized and well planned escape attempt.  It took all evening to get that animal back home and left the whole family tired, dirty, sore, and smelly.  It’ll probably generate a Country Wisdom post or two but the story is just to good to not tell in great, if not a tad embellished, detail.  Not sure if it’ll be next but it will be soon so stay tuned!


2 Comments on “Small Town Fun”

  1. hsoi says:

    Fairs are always so much fun. Went to them all the time as a kid, and try to go to them now (taking my kids)… just never know when they’re happening!


  2. Rev. Paul says:

    Fairs? Fun. Escaped livestock? Not so much. I look forward to the written version. 🙂


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