Facebook and Sheepnip

I never used Facebook for anything other than a place holder, or more like having your name in the phone book if people wanted to get a hold of you.  Due to a new development in my life I finally found a good use for it.  This blog is going to be linked there just for fun so folks can keep up with all the exciting developments here at the ranch.  I’m starting a business blog as well and that one will also link and hopefully assist with sales.  I’ll link to that blog and mention what I’m doing in case any reader here is interested but that’ll be about it here.  This is for the ranch and family and I want to keep it focused on that primarily.

Speaking of the ranch, tonight we had an episode of psychotic sheepscapades.  Or they ate sheepnip or something.  Normally you can’t get rid of them around dinner time until you feed them.  Tonight I go out and… no sheep.  Called them three times.  Still no sheep.  I was about to give up when about half the herd came charging, and I mean they were haulin mutton, from the back 40.  I figured they were just a little exuberant for dinner.  Um, not so much.  They ran right up to the gate where I was and did some kind of Miley Cyrus inspired sheep dance for a few seconds, and then they turned and ran back to where they had come from!  Full blast!  It was probably the strangest display I have seen here yet.  I’m thinking a surveillance system could provide some interesting entertainment from time to time around here.  Might look into that.


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