Of Bunnies and Bumper Bashing

Last night I destroyed the front end of some girls car.  It didn’t take much sad to say.  When you back into someone with a F250 4WD pickup with a trailer hitch it can be pretty devastating to todays cars.  I’m hoping it’s not devastating to my insurance.  I haven’t had a wreck in many years.  I normally get a ticket every 3-5 years though.  Maybe this will suffice for my periodic vehicular incident since it’s been since 2009 when the last one happened.  The gory details are pretty benign.  I was at a light in the left turn lane.  Nobody at intersection except me and a car 2 lanes over (so I thought).  I decided I didn’t want to turn but being right at the light I couldn’t really get over without going into the intersection.  So, I backed up.  The crunch and the horn sound happened pretty much simultaneously.  They had gotten close enough to the truck that I couldn’t see any lights (it was dark) behind me at all.  I never even saw them drive up.  It looked like every panel associated with the front end had damage including the bumper and lights.  Once we got pulled off the road you could see that the radiator was also slightly leaking.  I did a real number on that car and I bet I didn’t get up to 3 miles per hour, nor go more than about 4 feet.  I slightly bent the trailer’s electrical hook up point on my truck.  Other than that, you’d not know anything had happened.  Sigh…

No bunnies were hurt in the collision in case the title gave you pause.  But speaking of paws, Artemus P. Bunny joined the household today.  First rabbit to join the growing herd.  There’s a gazillion wild rabbits on the property.  See them all the time.  Artemus is from the same folks who recently gave us more sheep, chickens, and ducks.  The menagerie continues to grow.  I’ll get his furry little picture in here next.  All in all it’s been a hare raising couple of days, yuk, yuk, yuk…


One Comment on “Of Bunnies and Bumper Bashing”

  1. Rev. Paul says:

    Re: the difference in damage, I understand. During the 10 years I drove an Expedition, it was rear-ended three times by passenger cars – and they all destroyed their grills, lights and fenders on the frame-mounted drawbar. I never did find any scratches on my truck.

    It’s all about choices, ya know. 🙂


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