A Bit of Alaska Blew In!

Whew!  56 degrees this morning!  I guess Reverend Paul must finally be sharing some of that fall weather he’s been having up north.  Go see his recent post for a good chuckle.  We also got even more rain last night.  We’ve just been having our socks blessed off here weather wise of late.   Every thing is green, green, GREEN!  The sheep don’t even much care about hay lately due to all the fresh stuff around I presume.

I’ve had a refreshing week off without pay this week thanks to Congress.  It does appear we will get our pay eventually though.  Good deal for us but not for the tax payer.  Alas, it is what it is currently.  Contact your Congressman and Senator if you want to make a difference!  I do.  But back to the time off.  After resting up a bit I actually started getting some projects started up around here.  Getting a new screen door put on both the front and back entry ways so we can get some of those nice cross breezes now that winter is approaching.  I’ll post some pictures of that soon.  I wish this place was a full time job.  Actually it is, I just don’t get to do it full time.  So much to do around here!


One Comment on “A Bit of Alaska Blew In!”

  1. Rev. Paul says:

    56 degrees is 10 degrees warmer than our predicted high to today, but I’m happy to share. I hope your pay-less period ends soon.


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