Rambo’s Shocking Adventure!

That title should really be done in the style of  Raiders of the Lost Ark but I can’t do that in Word Press to the best of my knowledge.  You may recall my Country Wisdom #19 post a few back.  It really did happen.  The handsome devil on the left is Rambo.  I’m not sure who the photo bomber is.

Rambo and photo bomber

Rambo and photo bomber

Rambo loves to head butt things.  Inanimate objects, other sheep, oh, and people.  He’s pretty good at it too.  Not only is he good at it, he’s perfected the sneak attack.  I believe he thinks it’s just great fun to butt things.  Sometimes I’d even play with him by sticking out my fist and letting him butt it.  In retrospect, I probably should not have encouraged him.  He did a few sneak attacks on my wife Mary.  She did NOT appreciate it one bit.  Oddly, she didn’t appreciate my giggling about it either.  Who’d of thunk it.  After enough of these sneak attacks I decided I needed a way to “encourage” Rambo to not butt people that did not involve beating him senseless with my walking stick.  Believe me, that thought did cross my mind once or twice.  Enter, El Zappo…

El Zappo

El Zappo and Sammie being an attention hog

The modern rancher has dealt with this issue before and come up with a fairly elegant and benign solution.  The cattle prod.  I’ve had experience with animals and electricity in the past.  They don’t like it.  They learn very fast to avoid that which zaps them!  Just ask my dogs any time about the magic wire you don’t go near.  So, as you can see, I bought me one.  All I needed to do now was wait for the right opportunity.  It was interesting though.  Rambo seemed to know something was up about this different walking stick I now carried.  He was rather subdued for 2 or 3 days after I introduced it to our evening feeding and butt fest sessions.  Unfortunately for him, he got over that.  And then…

Rambo gets Zapped

Getting Rambo’s Attention

Zap!  My reenactment photo above is nowhere near what actually happened.  We were feeding and Rambo saw an opportunity.  He backed up a few paces and charged.  All I did was lower the tongs and push the button.  It didn’t even make physical contact with him but you could hear the zap as his nose neared it.  He ran.  So did the rest of the herd.  He would not come near for the rest of the evening.  The next couple of times we fed he gave me plenty of room.  I think I cured him of the butting with that one action.  At least so far.  Now, I really do love my animals and enjoy being around them.  I tend to let them get away with quite a bit.  Rambo, being somewhere between 125 and 150lbs, did present a real danger with that behavior.  Especially for my 120 lb wife!  Once the lesson was learned (hopefully permanently) we were able to go back to being friends.

Nice Rambo

Still friends

Rambo has done a fine job as the local sire and has produced some fine offspring.  As you can see, we’re still friends.  He does still love a good scritch behind the ears and I’m happy to oblige.  I still watch my back though…

Sorry it took me so long to get to this post.  I’m finding that I really want to get pictures for most of my posts now and it slows the process down a ridiculous amount.  Most of what goes on here at the Double Portion begs to have pictures to go along with it.  I guess on the plus side I won’t overburden you with material!  So, as slow as the posting may be I do want to illustrate most of them.  Just call me turtle…



4 Comments on “Rambo’s Shocking Adventure!”

  1. Rev. Paul says:

    Sounds to me like ol’ Rambo learned an important lesson. 🙂


  2. Michelle Canfield says:

    For many years, I was a runner, and ran with my two dogs, on leash. I had a lot of trouble with loose dogs threatening me, or my dogs. So I got a cattle prod and ran with that. I never got a chance to use it- there does seem to be some psychological affect of holding it. Animals see it, and sense your “bring it on!” attitude, and steer clear. I know someone who has mean rams who whips them in the face with a small whip. Later, she says, she can even wave a piece of straw at them, and they flinch and back off.


    • I actually have trouble with my dogs eating the sheep feed when I feed them. Not only eating it but running the sheep off when they do. I got fed up with that the other day and let one of the dogs get taste of the prod and that stopped that right quick! I don’t like using it but it’s a very fast training method for any animal.


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