This is Sammie.

2013-09-17 19.30.41


Sammie says “Hi!”

2013-09-17 19.30.36


Sammie loves you!

Even though she just met you!

I figure since I haven’t posted in a bit, while, forever, I’d start with a friendly dog wagging it’s tail.  Who can resist that after all?  How can you stay mad at a person posting cute dog pictures???  See!  I knew you couldn’t…

I’ve decompressed a lot since the selling of the mill stone… my old house.  I’m slowly getting all the related bills and old debts paid.  Of course, there’s another government shutdown looming that will put me out of work again.  That might be interesting to deal with, NOT!  One thing has come back crystal clear though and that’s how much I love it here.  Mary does too.  I know I don’t live in the prettiest place in the world but the daily beauty here astounds me.  I am fortunate to call it home.

The days are getting shorter.  Fall is imminent even though temps are still in the 90’s.  We got some new additions to the place recently.  Several more chickens, about 10 or so, mostly hens.  This means our daily egg count has increased nicely.  Some of the original batch has started laying as well.  Teeny tiny eggs for such big chickens!  I’ll have to post some pictures.  We also now have three ducks!  They’re cool.  We have 2 new sheep on the way as well.  A friend and coworker is moving out-of-state and is trying not to travel with so many animals, hence my good fortune.

Oh, did I mention rain?  We’ve had almost 2 inches in the last couple of weeks!  That is always nice and very welcome around here.  I may try to plant some oats and/or rye grass soon to see if I can get some fodder going for the sheep.  I’d be very nice to not have to buy so much feed.  If that works, it’ll be grass next spring that gets planted.  We’ll see.  I haven’t started the tractor in months so that may be a challenge.  I’ll let you know.

Next up…

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Water Filter Sale

I found something interesting today.  Our well water doesn’t taste too bad, but it does have a sulfery odor to it.  I’ve been wanting to get a water purification filter for a long time both to aid in emergency planning and general use.  I have always thought the Berkey filters were the way to go but they’re pretty durned expensive.  I found this site today:

These things come with the filters and spares to boot plus they’re on sale right now.  I do think I’ll buy one!  These are a much better price.