Country Wisdom Post #19

Bending over in front of a ram that likes  to, well, RAM you is not the smartest thing a person can do.  Unless of course you like laying face down in the dirt…

– Greg


5 Comments on “Country Wisdom Post #19”

  1. Rev. Paul says:

    Ah, you turned your back … not good. :^)


  2. carole miller says:

    Are you ok?


    • I’d say only my pride was hurt, but I do think I got a little bruse out of the ordeal. Not to worry, I’ve pletty of butt to protect me yet! I actually thought it was kind of funny. It had to have looked hilarious and I wish I had it on tape but these things tend to happen unexpectedly. I’ve been meaning to post a “re-enactment” of the event but work at fixing the rent house has taken every bit of spare time to date.


  3. […] Lost Ark but I can’t do that in Word Press to the best of my knowledge.  You may recall my Country Wisdom #19 post a few back.  It really did happen.  The handsome devil on the left is Rambo.  I’m not […]


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