How to scare the snot out of my wife.

You start by feeding the chickens in the dark.  This necessitates going into the dark coop.  On one side of the coop we have nesting boxes, the top row of which are about shoulder height to my wife.  Now imagine throwing a 6 foot snake onto the top of those nesting boxes when she’s standing about a foot from them.  Oh yeah, that got a good scream from her and a very concerned reply from me!  There are some things that Mary and I line up on very well.  One of those is a general dislike of snakes.  We have rat snakes here at the ranch and they like the eggs the chickens lay.  We’ve ‘dispatched’ 7 so far that were attempting to clean us out.  This one last night at least could go out knowing it had taken a few minutes off our lives!  If I ever get the money and time to rebuild that coop, it’s going to be highly snake resistant.  I suppose on the plus side, we don’t have much in the way of mice and rats around here 🙂


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