Unhappy Lamb, Happy Ranchers!

What could cause this you ask?  Well let me tell you!  Pistol, our indoor lamb, has become an OUTDOOR lamb!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111elevenelevendy!!!!   In case you can’t tell, I’m very excited about that.  We raised Pistol by hand since early this spring… In the house…  It. Was. Not. Fun…  Don’t get me wrong, there were good times.  Moments of endearing and cuteness of course.  How could there not be with a cute little lamb.  However… Lambs cannot be house trained.  At least not that we could figure out a way to do so.  They also chew on EVERYTHING.  I guess grazing animals do that.  Electric cords and paper were her favorites.  We had tried leaving her outside for bits at a time.  Even attempted an overnight once before.  Have I mentioned how pathetic a lamb can sound when they’re having a bad time?  If you’re an animal sucker like we are, it’s very hard to ignore that.  Each time, she’d get her way and we’d let her back in.

Now, I know that sheep get moved around and are forced to join other herds from time to time. I suspect they rarely die from this action although I’m sure they don’t like it much.  So, after having had just about enough of chewing on everything in sight, we decide to try again.  We also had gotten her weaned of the milk replacement.   She still liked the bottle but was on 100% water so we knew it was all psychological at this point (who knew we’d be into sheep psychology!).  So, earlier this week we started out with her out half the day.  She did fine.  So we progressed to a full day, and then to overnight a couple of nights ago.  She’s officially an outdoor sheep now.  She’s not well-integrated into the herd yet but she is hanging out with them a LOT more.  That’s a very good thing although I’m sure she’s not convinced of that yet.

We have more lambs on the way it appears so we’re going to have to build some pens and make sure this doesn’t happen again.  It’s going to suck even more if we have another orphan as we’ll need to essentially do everything we did for this one only doing it outside.  They just can’t come in the house again.  It makes it too hard on us.  I’ll try to chronicle the construction of the pens and we’ll see how that turns out.  Today I have to fix the water in the chicken coop thanks to a certain dog named Balto.  I’ve never put pieces of PVC pipe together before but now I get to learn.  Ought to be a fun time!  Stay tuned, pix to follow.


2 Comments on “Unhappy Lamb, Happy Ranchers!”

  1. Rev. Paul says:

    Outdoor lamb equals EVERYTHING BETTER. Congrats!


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