Misty Morning

One day this week I was greeted with this sight at my front gate:

2013-07-09 06.57.06-3

2013-07-09 06.58.28

2013-07-09 06.56.52

The beauty surrounding the Double Portion Ranch never ceases to awe me.  It changes day-to-day and season to season.  This place is definitely my sanctuary.   I just love it here.


2 Comments on “Misty Morning”

  1. Rev. Paul says:

    That is lovely. I miss seeing things like that, living in the city.


    • All my life I can recall driving out to the country for various reasons and having a peace descend on me, only to have stress and agitation return as I approached the city to go home or a destination of some kind. It’s nice to feel that virtually every time I come home down my road.

      I will say though that you have some pretty nice views surrounding your place up there. And as cities go, yours is probably small enough that it retains that small town flavor. I suspect at any rate. You ever think about getting a hunting camp or weekend get-a-way type place up there?


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