Frothy Bloat Urine?

The seal of the U.S. National Security Agency....

The seal of the U.S. National Security Agency. The first use was in September 1966, replacing an older seal which was used briefly. For more information, see here and here. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So would Googling (or Binging as I prefer now since Google is a bit too lefty for me) “Frothy Bloat Urine” get you whisked off to Gitmo by the NSA these days?  Audited by the IRS?  Raided by the USDA raw milk swat teams? Dunno, but sadly, those are possible concerns these days in the good ol’ USA.  But I digress…  Pistol, queen of the sheep, has a malady.  If only Gregory House was a veterinarian!  The internet only provides us tantalizing clues but nothing concrete.  Oh, and really disgusting images.

Pistol got to feeling bad a couple of days ago but not real bad luckily. Her symptoms don’t match what’s out there on the net but being new to all this I don’t know that I’m looking correctly.  She got hold of some flour.  This can cause Lactic acidosis or Frothy Bloat.  Neither of these appear to cause brown/red urine which she has today along with a slightly elevated pulse.  I have a call in to the Vet so maybe I’ll get an answer today.  Most stuff sheep get you find out about when they either fall over dead or are about to.  Pistol obviously didn’t feel well at first but seems OK now except for the symptoms mentioned above.  All we can do at the moment is wait.  I have penicillin on hand if needed but I don’t want to go there unless I have more obvious cause.  Sheep drama… Sheesh!


2 Comments on “Frothy Bloat Urine?”

  1. Michelle Canfield says:

    Oh hey, WordPress seemed to automatically link us through my post being related to yours, and a pingback on my blog. Glad to find you.

    Reading your post, the red urine makes me think of the prime symptom of copper toxicity? Could it be possible this sheep has had access to enough copper in the past to store it up, and then the flour-eating incident has caused stress, and triggered the copper “dump” into the bloodstream?

    If so, this is serious and you don’t have a lot of time, and a vet’s help is definitely warranted. If you search for “sheep copper toxicity treatment” on the web, there is plenty of advice, but the recommended remedies-ammonium molybdate and sodium sulfate- are not something that’s easily accessible on store shelves…

    My favorite book by Pat Coleby on sheep minerals recommends: “For immediate copper poisoning, give the sheep a teaspoon of dolomite and vitamin C power by mouth every few hours, and 2 cc of vitamin B15 with 10 cc of sodium ascorbate (vitamin C) in the same syringe by injection.”

    Dolomite is just calcium magnesium carbonate, and can be found in the soil amendment section of any garden store. This latter treatment seems more do-able if a vet is not available.

    Hope that helps, good luck!!


    • I’m new to WordPress so I have no idea how the linkup thing is working but thanks for stopping by! We got a hold of the Vet and he believes we’re dealing with hyper-concentrated urine at this point. She does not exhibit any of the other symptoms of copper toxicity but we’ll be watching closely for it. Thanks!


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