Ahhh Puppyhood…

It just doesn’t get much better than being a puppy on a ranch.  Especially a ranch with… mud?  Or something!  Allow me to introduce Balto.



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Balto is, uh, erm… kind of a dope.  Great Pyrenees are toward the lower end of the smarts scale when it comes to dog breeds.  Add puppy-hood to that and you get… A dope.  Balto is upon occasion, all white.  Today, this greeted me when I got home.  In my nice clothes.  With him between me and the fenced in yard.  This was his attitude…


Balto Smiling

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The reason you see a pair of hands (Mrs. Millers) holding Balto, is because prior to that he was wrapped around my feet.  Feet inside nicely formerly polished shoes.  Balto will get about twice this big when he’s grown.  He might grow into his tail.  We’re not sure yet.  Balto is dog number 8 for us here at the ranch.  Three other Pyrenees came with the place.  We’re not gluttons for punishment, really we’re not.  Balto was special circumstances.  Friends who owe me big time in need, that sort of thing.

So say “Hi” to Balto.  You can’t NOT say hi to Balto.  He won’t let you.  You WILL say high.  Oh, did I mention puppies have sharp teeth?  Balto has thus far destroyed 2 pair of jeans.  One was mine, the other belonged to an electrician we had out a few days ago.  That guy wasn’t happy!  (yes, we bought him new ones) At least he seems to get along with and sort of fit in with the other three guardian dogs.  So far only the llama has gotten really ticked at him.  You’ll meet her later.  Balto says “woof” by the way…


3 Comments on “Ahhh Puppyhood…”

  1. hsoi says:

    Are Pyr’s at the end of the smarts scale? I mean, I’ve read a lot on LGD’s and own one myself (a Kuvasz) and I have actually found them to be VERY smart. But, it all depends how you define smart.

    LGD’s that I know of are, by breeding/nature, “thinkers”. That is, they aren’t straight-up obedient dogs that obey 100% of your commands and just totally do as they are told. They are not border collie’s, they’re not labs. This is because, in order to guard the herd, they have to think, they have to make their own decisions. And so, yes, sometimes they will disobey.

    With Sasha, I’ve learned that her obedience and response is very subtle. There are times she flat out does what we tell her. But there are times she flat out ignores it… but it’s rarely without reason, I just have to pay attention to subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) cues from her as to why. Typically I can tell the command registered, but she disobeys because something else is more important (e.g. is that a threat? do I need to deal with it? Sorry Dad… you told me to come, but I gotta deal with this first — that’s my job). And usually then once the threat is gone, she obeys… or if I get truly insistent she comes… or if she continues to refuse, again it’s usually with reason and so I check it out and see what’s up.

    Of course, you’ve also got a teenager… and we know teenagers are just stupid by nature. 😉


    • You raise some interesting points. I haven’t researched the bread all that much so I’m not up on my Pyrenees knowledge yet. Balto is most likely just puppy dopy. The three adults aren’t quite the same kind of clowns 🙂

      As to the smart scale, that’s something the wife found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Intelligence_of_Dogs so take that for what it’s worth. They probably do “think” in regards to protecting the herd. Maybe that takes up all their brain power with nothing left for fetch and stuff! They’re good dogs and we love ours. I just didn’t figure on having 4 of them!


      • hsoi says:

        Yeah… that’s an obedience intelligence test and LGD’s will never score high on those because that’s not their nature. They are bred to think and act independently, not wait for someone to tell them what to do. They can be VERY smart — probably smarter than you think! My experiences have shown me they are VERY thinky animals, very keen, very aware and they will “do their job” first and foremost… but that’s right and good, because that’s why we have them out there to protect the herd.

        So chances are, Balto is just “puppy stupid”. Train him right, praise him, ensure he knows YOU are boss/alpha, and be sure YOU think like a dog (not a human) when it comes to working and interacting with him. It works out well, but it does take some effort on your part.

        Y’all will do fine. 🙂


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